Cambridge Pest Control

In the last 12 months we have treated Pharoah’s Ants, Wasps, Fleas, Plaster beetles, Clothes moths, Mice and Bed bugs in Cambridge. We offer a high quality pest control service for people within Cambridge and surrounding areas. As you can see we have received some good reviews on google from customers, which we are very grateful for.

Andrewwarren1987 Andrew
Went above and beyond duty to find the root of the infestation.
Sapphire Sawyer
Although I didn't use Andy for treatment, he provided me with good advice and was very helpful. He clearly cares about his customers and wants to help!
Daniel Smith
I called on a Friday after noticing what turned out to be a wasp nest in our facia board. Andy managed to make space to come over the following evening which I was extremely grateful of. Once he got here he thoroughly inspected the nest to make sure it wasn't Ivy bees and once satisfied he quickly went to work. The nest has now been destroyed and he even offered advice on how to minimise the risk of this happening again. Andy was very friendly and professional throughout the process and even offered to come back for free the following day if the nest wasn't completely cleared after treatment. I would thoroughly recommend his services and will be calling again if we have any further problems in the future.
Darren Silk
Andy is a great guy, really professional and dilligent and got the job done with as minimal impact on the surrounding area as possible. Also provided environmental advice to prevent insecticide affecting anything else and ensuring that it does not go beyond the targeted area where it was applied. Couldn't ask for better service. Great job!
Yvonne Duffy
Fast and efficient response to request for help Report and advice given following problem being resolved Very professional
M Forrest
Andy was brilliant! He took the time and care to inspect the whole property to better understand the source of the problem. He understands pest behaviour and tailors treatments accordingly. Great communication, friendly service and competitive pricing.
Treated wasps nest at my stable. Professional and quick service. Would recommend 5*
Carmatech U.K.
Very professional service, and fast removal of wasps nest Great advice on rodent control as well

We offer a high quality  pest control service for the residents of Cambridge and the surrounding towns and villages.

Welcome to AF Pest Control in Cambridge, covering all CB postcodes. We are able to address your pest concerns, big or small. Pests disrupt and irritate, regardless of their size or species. Whether it’s insects, rodents, or outdoor wildlife, prompt removal from your property is essential. Here at AF Pest Control, we’ve encountered every pest imaginable. Whether you require residential or commercial solutions, we’re at your service. Throughout Cambridge, AF Pest Control has assisted numerous customers, and received 5 star reviews. Although Cambridge city council offers a free pest control service for some public health pests they do not offer a service for the majority of insect pests. AF Pest control fills this gap by providing a service for the effective control of pest species the council do not deal with. These include the following

Call AF Pest Control today on 07508 526855
An insect monitor used for Cambridge pest control for catching moths.

When you start to notice there is a problem with pests inside your home or business you may already have a substantial problem. Getting control of the situation quickly will limit any damage or risk of disease.

A common story is that someone has tried a to treat pests themselves without being successful. Often spending a lot of money on pesticides and other things. Don’t waste your money trying to treat pests yourself, get a professional in. Call AF Pest Control today.

Rat Control in Cambridge:

Discovering a rat in your home or workplace can be distressing. Rats carry disease and cause damage to property, necessitating immediate eradication. Our team specialises in rat infestations, employing a range of techniques to suit your needs.

Mice Control in Cambridge:

While smaller than rats, mice pose similar health risks. Our experts locate entry points in your home and provide effective removal solutions.

Wasp Nest Removal in Cambridge:

in Cambridge: During summer, wasps become a common nuisance. Our specialists safely eliminate wasp nests, ensuring your home or workplace remains pest-free.

Bee's Nest Removal in Cambridge:

While bees are beneficial to the environment, they can be unwelcome guests in your home. Our humane removal methods prioritise their preservation while ensuring your safety.

Squirrel Control in Cambridge:

Grey squirrels frequently intrude on homes. Our services aim to swiftly and effectively address squirrel infestations.

Bird Control and Pigeon Spiking in Cambridge:

Birds, especially pigeons, can become problematic if they nest on your property. Our bird control services offer effective solutions to safeguard your home.

Bed Bug Control in Cambridge:

Bed bugs can cause discomfort and distress. Our professional control services ensure thorough eradication, allowing you to rest easy.

Cockroach Control in Cambridge:

Our specialists tackle all types of cockroach infestations, restoring comfort to your space.hough less common, cockroaches can still invade homes

Flea Control in Cambridge:

Fleas, especially common in pet-owning households, require swift action. Our flea control services offer effective solutions to keep your home flea-free.